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Richard Townend is a damn fine songwriter, singer, guitarist who heads the Mighty Bosscats. In the past 8 Years Richard has released 10 albums and written over 200 songs, prolific is often associated to him and with good reason. The band albums have all been critically acclaimed and the latest 'God Bless America' was nominated for album of the year 


"God Bless America’ is an album full of colourful narratives – both real and imagined – deep grooves, intricate guitar work and an array of sparkling tones.

It invites us to immerse ourselves in a late night feel, full of Mark Knopfler style whispered and conversational vocals, that emphasize lyrical meaning and fit perfectly on top of some subtle band interplay. A 5 times British Blues Awards nominee, The Mighty Bosscats leader Richard Townend has the musical theory to back up his story telling abilities, as he melds his lyrics and hooks with a sparkling array of guitar tones. Whether it’s the J.J. Cale style groove of ‘Fault Line’ with some lovely picking and an unexpected coda, or the polar opposite almost anthemic guitar break on ‘Plenty Of Time’, The Mighty Bosscats revel on an album that fits the Americana mould, but stretches the genre in unexpected directions.

The real key to this album is the beautiful sonic exploration, be it on acoustic and electric guitars or Dobro and pedal steel." Rock and Ready 

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Richard was a professional musician graduating from Leeds College of Music in 1986 where he studied guitar and composition. Leeds was one of the only colleges, at that time in the UK, which specialized in a degree in Light Music. This led Richard to play with and tour with TV stars of that time such as Ronnie Corbett, Charlie Drake, Les Denis , Dana, The Platters and Tony Christie to name but a few.


When he moved to London in the late eighties, he decided to leave the professional music field and play for fun after becoming disillusioned with the professional music scene. Soon the fun dried up and he hung his guitar up for good when he moved to Essex in 2001. Later in that decade he was inspired (after watching a jam session at the Bewick Suite in Maldon Essex) to start to play again. He got his guitars out of hock, formed the Boss Cats, and gigged as a hard rocking blues trio in the style of Stevie Ray Vaughn; later to morph into the cool sound of the Mighty Boss cats in a more relaxed incarnation.In 2011 he decided to write and record in a more serious nature culminating in 10 album releases in the period Jan 2011 – Dec 2018.


He has had several number 1 Blues album chart hits and is continually working and writing. He has played in USA, Russia, Belgium, India, Australia, Netherlands and continues to gig up and down the UK, solo and with his band. He will be running a song writing workshop to give a flavour of the art of song writing whilst in Orkney.

"With its' high production values, standard of musicianship and impressive lack of filler material, Boiling Pot has the makings of something rather special" - R2 RocknReel


"...........including the exceptional and exceptionally atmospheric ‘Hang An Innocent Man’, prove Townend is a great writer as well as musician" Blues Matters


"This is a simply lovely album from a UK outfit with a blues-cum-Americana outlook, feel and beauty.Townend is a mighty clever lyricist, a guy who can work a theme and run a rippling roll of fretwork and melody to match the thinking. The result is a genuinely individual and engaging musical take and outlook."   Cashbox Canada


"With its strong hints at Americana-cum-blues and rocking drive, this is easily one of the best of British bands out there, and Gold Fever an album to enjoy. " Elmore Magazine NY 

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