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Championing Local Talent

We're proud to be supported by a wide local community of talented musicians and bands, who you'll find playing tirelessly at many free gigs during the festival weekend in Stromness, spread across our four main venues.  

One of the core aims of the festival is to showcase this local talent to the wider community alongside the UK and Worlds best blues artists, and we've certainly been avid guardians of a festival which has attracted some of the best in blues through the years.

Returning to this year's festival in September is our music tuition workshops to encourage young folk and learning musicians a chance to attend a small group tuition session with an experienced musician - this can often include musicians from the visiting artists who travel the world - a unique experience. 

And we're improving access the festival to younger people with Under 18 access to most venues during the daytime sessions (usually until 8pm). After 8pm most of our venues are restricted to Adults 18+ due to licensing conditions for the bars. For ticketed events, check the terms for each event for information on access for Under 18s.

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