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Orkney Blues Festival: A Checklist for Visiting Orkney for the Festival

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

A handful of tips for a successful visit to Orkney Blues Festival - travel to Orkney for the festival weekend this September from Fri 22nd to Sun 24th.

  • Accommodation - Book your accommodation beforehand as the festival attracts a lot of visitors. There are various options available such as hotels, guest houses, campsites, and self-catering cottages. Where to Stay

  • Transportation - Plan your transportation in advance as Orkney Islands are situated in the north of Scotland. You can reach there by ferry, flights, or by road. How to get here

  • Festival Schedule - Check the festival schedule in advance to plan your activities as there are various concerts, workshops, and events happening throughout the festival. Festival info

  • Dress Code - Orkney Islands are known for their unpredictable weather, so dress appropriately for the conditions.

  • Cash/ATM - Bring some cash with you as there is no guarantee of ATM availability nearby to the venues. Most of the shops and restaurants do accept card payments however.

  • Food and Drinks - There are various food and drink outlets available in the festival area, but it's always better to carry some snacks and water with you.

  • Blues Festival merchandise - You can purchase festival merchandise such as t-shirts, caps, and badges to show your support for the event.

Find out more by navigating our website or posting a message on our facebook page.

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